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WiFi not Working on Laptop

Author: | Posted in the "PC Hardware" Category
August 25, 2012

Frederick has lost WiFi on his laptop for no particular reason, all other devices in the house work fine.

Let’s start with the obvious. It’s easy enough to disable wifi on a laptop by hitting key combinations accidentally. A combination of “Fn” and one of the function keys at the top of the keyboard turns wifi on and off so check that it’s enabled.

Your wifi might still be enabled but the connection dropped and was forgotten for some reason so click on the Network symbol on the taskbar bottom right (looks like a mobile signal) and see if any networks are picked up or can be connected to.

Did you install an additional wifi receiver/adapter or software or maybe update wifi software on the laptop? If so, your normal wifi software might have been disabled and need to be re-connected manually. Changing settings on the router can also affect things.

Check the Device Manager to see if the wifi card is listed without errors.

Finally, do a virus scan to make sure viruses havn’t hijacked your network.

If the obvious fixes fail then you may have a hardware issue with your laptop’s wifi card. You can get a new USB adapter for very little these days.

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